Youtube perfect date dating video

"Google was strategic in how it viewed You Tube," he said.

"[You Tube] had a big early lead and it looked like we were only getting bigger.

Not only did they make cute videos together but they also lived in the same house with all of their friends in Los Angeles. Nothing could be better than spending day after day goofing around with your boyfriend and your friends in a mega mansion with no parents around.

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Dan Howell is a London-based, 21-year-old You Tube vlogger.

Supan recalls that she and Hurley had dinner with Bill Gates in May 2006. With interest in You Tube at a fever pitch, Hurley agreed to give the keynote at Allen & Co.'s annual media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, in July.In 2014, Dix quit her job at an Apple Store to focus on You Tube fulltime.On 29 April 2016, Dix and Spaughton expanded their presence on You Tube by creating a new channel called "Let's Play Games", on which they post gaming videos, which were already present on their main channel, Rose Ellen Dix.She uploaded her first video, entitled "Rose Dix talks Lisa Scinta," on 30 September 2010.An early assignment during Dix's film degree included attempting to make a video go viral.

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