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While basic human propensities for social learning are traditionally assumed to be species-universal recent empirical studies show that they vary between individuals and populations.Yet the causes of this variation remain poorly understood.This capital is young and dynamic and will not fail to appeal to you.What’s more, its location gives it a central position in Europe.Here we show that interdependence in everyday social and economic activities can strongly amplify social learning.This special issue investigates the role emotions played and play in the creation of feeling communities in South Asia.It has been written up in publications and blogs including The Huffington Post, Make Magazine, Laughing Squid, Technically Brooklyn, and The Brooklyn Paper. Jeff Greenspan is a NYC based artist focusing on activism and social justice.

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The topics range from the central role, which appeals to compassion had in the creation of the Muslim community in the 19th century (Margrit Pernau), the contributions of novels to the mobilization of feelings and people in the 20th century (Christina Oesterheld) ...

Psychological heuristics are formal models for making decisions that are easy to understand, apply and explain.

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