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Members answer for themselves, and also select which answers are “acceptable” to them relating to a potential partner’s answers.

Match percentages between members are calculated via an algorithm and displayed on profiles.

We singletons don’t stand a chance, with Noah’s command of “animals two by two” coming down to us through the millennia as the only way to get on the boat. We are obsessed with treating single life as a condition to be overcome. When I was young, my Mother used to say, “You won’t meet anyone sitting in your apartment.” Well, my 65-year-old friend met a grand passion by answering the door of her apartment to the tenant upstairs, thank you very much. As Beyonce says, “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” I dine out alone and feel like the most interesting woman in the room.

There’s a reason why the Bridget Jones movies were such blockbusters.

” and “If you were an article of clothing, what would it be? Then you get to spend hours combing through profiles and pictures looking for Mr. In fact, my table for one was in prime cafe street watching position in the front row. As they said in Bridget Jones, “You are perfect, just the way you are.” Please share your thoughts in the comments below. A car pulled up close and slowed down; she thought she recognized the driver as her date. One woman waited for her first date with a man she’d met online, sitting at an outdoor table at the appointed place and time.I'm fat, I carry my junk in the trunk, if I was walking backwards you would see flashing lights and a warning sign saying 'wide load reversing'. Have been widowed for 9 years and am ready for a serious relationship.Manners are important, I am not interested in anyone who likes bed hopping. Spiritual Hi, I guess this is where I'm supposed to sell myself and blow my own trumpet.

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    I started brainstorming how I could help other singles do this.